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The Cloud’s a Mystery Clip from Sex Tape



Matt W. Moore is the artist behind MWM Graphics, a design, fine art, and illustration studio. By combining his background in graffiti with graphic design, Moore has created a distinctly bold, colorful, and geometric aesthetic.

While he may be most recognized for his angular, geometric spray-painted murals, he is an innovative artist, combining and working in many mediums. Clients of his include Coca-Cola, Wired Magazine, and Ray-Ban.

He travels and creates art in cities from Paris to Sao Paulo. Working across the globe fuels his creativity, as he responds to the different environments in which he works. Moore’s portfolio is enormous and varied and constantly growing. He perpetually creates beautiful and new work at an extraordinary pace.



My favorite maxi dress, by Sabo Skirt.

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Bicycle Made of Cars

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